Unique, Handcrafted Wines

Our vineyards have produced some wonder grapes, and we have crafted those and other fruits into delicious wine varieties including the popular Honeycrisp Apple Cranberry wine.

We invite you to try our red, white and fruit wines, as well as our one-of-a-kind cooking wines to add flavor to your favorite dishes!

Red wines

Made from cold-hard grapes, including Marquette and Frontenac or from California Red Zinfandel grapes, our reds have bold flavor and vibrant color.

White wines

Crisp and refreshing white wines are great with salads, chicken, or lighter meals. Try the Minnesota LaCrescent or Frontenac Gris, as well as our White Fox and Chardonnay made with California grapes!

Fruit wines

No Minnesota farm winery would be complete without a selection of fruit wines. We offer a variety of sweet, single fruit wines.

Dessert wines

Wines that are sweet and have over 14% alcohol by volume are classified as dessert wines. They are often enjoyed after meals or as a special treat of their own!

Cooking wines

All our wines are drinkable in a glass, but some are ideal for cooking. Experience and aspiring chefs alike will enjoy adding flavor to their dishes with our cooking.