Welcome Guests!

A Crow River Winery wedding or event is a wonderful experience, shared with family and friends. As our guest, we want to make your experience at Crow River Winery as memorable as possible.CRW_bags

Please take a look at the rest of our site for information on current procedures, tastings, live music and other events, but here are a few tips for your visit to the winery:

  • When arriving at the winery, park in the west parking lot. The main entrance to the event center and the ceremony location are in the back of the winery building.
  • You may leave your car at the winery overnight but it must be picked up by noon the following day.
  • Most CRW weddings feature an outdoor ceremony on a grassy lawn. Keep this in mind when planning footwear and consider layers in colder weather.
  • As a licensed manufacturer of alcohol, no other alcohol is allowed in the winery or on the grounds unless it is sold through our license. Please do not bring or consume your own alcoholic beverages or you may be asked to leave the property.
  • Feel free to explore Crow River Vineyard or Itasca Vineyard on either side of the winery building but be respectful of the grapes.
  • Make sure to try our wine! Arrive early or come back another day to visit the Tasting Room and do a wine tasting. The wedding couple selected wines for the reception but we have many to try! Please note Tasting Room hours when planning your visit.
  • If you’re staying the weekend make sure to explore Hutchinson!

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